Anne-Charlotte JONO

/Scenography projects/

What’s inside?
Maritim Museum Corner
Fashion Show
Dobrée Museum
1945, et après?
Plastic Exhibition
Shop Display
En Marge
L’onde des RDV

Roscella Bay 2017
Coconut Music 2017

/Product Design projects/

Sanitizer Bottle
Wood Stool
Bird Nest

/Graphic Design projects/

What’s inside? (App)
News Article Edition
Monkey app
“La Centrale” Signage
Civilisation Museum



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Hello! 👋️

I'm Anne-Charlotte, a French scenographer designer who create visual stories and experiences in various forms.

After my Bachelor's Degree in Set and Exhibit Design in Nantes.
I decided to realize one of my wishes:
Have an experience abroad.

Since September 2018, I began a Transcultural Master’s Degree in Shanghai. Thanks to this master, I discover the luxury event field
at K2 Asia Agency for 6 months.

After this rich learning opportunity, I choosed to have another experience abroad in the UK
at Electric Sunshine, branding event agency.

Currently, I am working as Freelancer for event agencies or charity organisations and I am open to work. 


(References upon request)



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