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What’s inside?
Maritim Museum Corner
Fashion Show
Dobrée Museum
1945, et après?
Plastic Exhibition
Shop Display
En Marge
L’onde des RDV

Roscella Bay 2017
Coconut Music 2017

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Sanitizer Bottle
Wood Stool
Bird Nest

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What’s inside? (App)
News Article Edition
Monkey app
“La Centrale” Signage
Civilisation Museum



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Event Design

Festival of The Girl    
London (Online), October 2020 

Festival of The Girl is a not-fo-profit initiative that aims to inspire and educate girls
aged 7-11 years and support adults to raise girls in a less stereotype way.

More info on:

For the 2020 edition, Festival of The Girl was online.
Workshop, interviews, conference videos, ...was proposed to the girls on website in videos format.

To amplify the experience, the girls had a activity booklet to guide their videos watching.

Realisation of all the illustrations and graphic visuals for the differents medias (Website, activity booklet, social media)

Activity booklet:


Website visuals (Web Devellopment by @Drewlondon):

Social media visuals: