Serie 1 (Lino printing), August 2021


Cube wallpapers, April 2021

Flowers, February 2021

Cube perspective experimentations, September 2020

City views, August 2020

Sanitizer bottle, April 2020

Dissertation, December 2019


End of study Project Stand Exhibition, November 2019

Edition, September 2019

Trail stool workshop, June 2019

“Nantes Vision” Tote bag, April 2019

VIP Room moodboard, February 2019

Anne- Charlotte JONO

About me

A French scenographer designer who create visual stories and experiences in various forms.

After my Bachelor's Degree in Set and Exhibit Design in Nantes.
I decided to realize one of my wishes:
Have an experience abroad.

Since September 2018, I began a Transcultural Master’s Degree in Shanghai. Thanks to this master, I discover the luxury event field
at K2 Asia Agency for 6 months.

After this rich learning opportunity, I choosed to have another experience abroad in the UK
at Electric Sunshine, branding event agency.

Currently, I am working as Freelancer for event agencies or charity organisations.